Connecting Honda 3000 to xantrex SW3000

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can chime in with a little insight on how to connect the honda to the xantrex inverter as a back up charging source for a 12v system.

I was hoping it would be as easy as connecting a standard male 3-prong nema plug to the AC input on the inverter. There is L1, L2 and Neutral at the input side and the guide says this unit can only be charged from a an AC source that energizes both legs.

I would like to run an extension cord from the generator to the inverter/charger. If this is possible I would really appreciate a detailed description of the wiring and or required hardware ie type and model of transfer switch if required. Thanks in advance.



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    Re: Connecting Honda 3000 to xantrex SW3000

    I think you'll find that what Xantrex means is: it requires a 240 VAC generator. If your Honda is a EU3000i or similar, it's output is 120 VAC. There's no way of getting it to power the inverter directly, in this case.

    It is possible to run the gen's output through a step-up transformer to get 240, but at a sacrifice of slightly more than half its power.

    Some here have experimented with reconfiguring the Xantrex XW for 120 VAC input/output, but it isn't an easy thing (can't remember the success of it ether).

    There's always the shortcut of a separate 12 Volt charger than runs off 120 VAC connected directly to the batteries. Like these Iota units:
    If you're just using the gen to supplement Bulk charging on cloudy days even an automotive charger will do for that (won't do the proper charge profile for deep cycles, though).
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    Re: Connecting Honda 3000 to xantrex SW3000

    The OP has an SW3000 not an XW. Sorry I can't help (out the door) other than whatever the SW3000 is, it may not need 240vac as the XW does.
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    Re: Connecting Honda 3000 to xantrex SW3000


    Thanks for the quick reply. The specifications say the AC input is 120vac. The install guides say both legs need to be energized which I am guessing is to balance the input so it does not go out of phase? I will give xantrex a call Monday and hopefully they can shed a little light on the matter. Thanks again.

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