agm charge rate/inverter-gen power share

I have a bank of 8, 6 volt agm batts in the houseboat, on the remote panel I can control the amps the charger is capable of from max of 50 to 5 amps,

while docked and on shore power where should i leave the inverter charger which is high end inverter with auto charger, what is the preferred rate to charge at, thanks in advance.

I also have a honda 2000, that id like to share the output of the 1500 inverter with the output of the honda to run a small window ac would u know if there is a post that would discuss this isssue thanks


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    Re: agm charge rate/inverter-gen power share

    Welcome to the forum.

    The suggest charge rate for AGM's or FLA's is 5% to 13% of the total Amp hours (at the "20 hour" rate).

    As for the other, you can't parallel the output of the Honda with the output of the inverter. They're not designed to be "stacked" and won't be in phase. You may be able to arrange wiring to shift some loads to one and have enough room on the other to handle the A/C, but I doubt it. Air conditioners are notorious high power consumers, both in terms of start surge and over-all Watt hours use. Could you use one of the min-split units? Great, long thread about them here: