Edge of cloud effect

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I know the rest of the country is cooking HOT! But, up here in the NW, it's been jacket cold, 50's- 60's. This has led to some of the best EOC effect since late winter/spring. It seems to mesmerize me if I'm inside for lunch and I check the Tri-Metric. Anyone else have this problem not being able to walk away from their panel with the Amps rolling up?


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    Re: Edge of cloud effect

    If you think it is fun watching current flow into your battery--I really have fun watching 100% of solar power being shoved into the "unlimited AC battery" that is Grid Tied!

    Got to admit that having battery backup would be nice though... But not justified for my relatively reliable grid power.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Edge of cloud effect

    I try to tell people if you don't need a backup, grid tie IS the way to go. The grid just goes down way too many times up here. That's kind of what got me into solar. So, I'll continue down this path. I'm out in the country and if we get a winter wind / snow storm 6-12 times a year, we usually lose grid 2-3 days. Now, except for our 220w deep well pump, it doesn't matter (will work on that one later)........more growing pains......
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