windstream technologies turbomill

A new "green" startup company is opening near my hometown in Indiana...
has anyone ever heard of Windstream technologies? They supposedly make a wind turbine called the TurboMill.

I couldn't find any specs on the thing, but I don't see how on earth it could be more efficient than a traditional wind turbine...

Any thoughts on if this is hype? or a scam?


  • halfcrazyhalfcrazy Solar Expert Posts: 720 ✭✭✭
    Re: windstream technologies turbomill

    My thoughts would be "Run as fast as you can the other way" if you want to spend some money on lawn art than it may be a cool investment and I would recommend a 4 of those 1000 watt halogen lights to illuminate it at night.

    All kidding aside I would like to see a successful VAWT come out into the market but it is not going to happen and be cost effective. The VAWT guys for some reason are afraid of towers and like to site there stuff in the shadows of trees and buildings or on your roof and that would be exactly the same as covering your solar panels with a blanket to keep them clean.
  • keyturbocarskeyturbocars Solar Expert Posts: 375 ✭✭
    Re: windstream technologies turbomill

    I agree with Ryan. My impression of those things is that they would produce very little useful power. They don't even mention any power output specs (that I could see). I'm sure they will spin, but that doesn't mean they will produce anything useful.

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