hot tubs?

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Here's a long shot - anyone know a way to do a hot tub?

One site I read says the energy-efficient ones use 5 to 7 KwH a day, which isn't in our energy budget.

We have a 1,000 watt portable generator; we also have a couple 6,000 watt generators. But wouldn't want to leave them on all the time, and seems like the most energy efficient ones have a 24 hour circulating pump.

Husband has a bad back ... .maybe we'll just get him a membership at the local spa instead. But thought I'd see if you all have any ideas!



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    Re: hot tubs?

    If you have access to wood, consider a Snorkel or Chofu wood fired tub arangement.

    We have a snorkel stove, bolted in a oval cow tank. We built a stryro foam box and cover for it. It takes 34F water, and in 4 hour it is 105F. Keeping it covered, the next day, with temps ner 0f the water stays above 80f, and get reheated in aboout an hour.

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    Re: hot tubs?

    thanks; hadn't thought about wood-fired. We'll look in to them!

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    Re: hot tubs?

    As Tony said look at the Chofu site. They also have a propane version that we used when building our home. It is a different mentality the "soaking tub" and the use of hydrogen peroxide. It does work well, but if you need jets you will need power!
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