Wiring a generator to a Grundfos IO 101 Generator Box

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i just installed 8 solar panels and am waiting for the water well man to set the pump. I have 240 v dc at the box but when it clouds up I still want to be able to pump. I need some info concerning wiring the generator to the swith box IO - 101. It has a pig tail to install a plug. Which one is (Hot) line, netural and ground? Is it to be connected to the 110 side or to the 220 side. The pump is a 40-SQF-5 , 30-300 v AC or DC .. I have looked everywhere on the grundfos website for the info. Thanks for the help!!


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    Re: Wiring a generator to a Grundfos IO 101 Generator Box

    I am not sure I have the right manual--I see the SQFlex pumps rated at (PDF Manual, page 5):
    Supply voltage
    Flexible as regards power supply and power range, the
    motor can be supplied with either DC or AC voltage:
    • 30-300 VDC, PE
    • 1 x 90-240 V –10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, PE.

    From Page 10:
    Wide voltage range
    The wide voltage range enables the motor to operate
    at any voltage from 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC. This
    makes installation and sizing especially easy.

    From Page 32:
    230 VAC –15%/+10%, 50/60 Hz (internal relay).
    Maximum 225 VDC, 8.4 A.
    Maximum 265 VAC, 8.4 A.

    So, it would appear that the IO 101 is limited to ~230 VAC nominal input voltage from the Generator... Unless the relay can be rewired to 115 VAC...

    I don't know anything about the product (other than from the manual above)...

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    Re: Wiring a generator to a Grundfos IO 101 Generator Box

    I just received an email from the sales rep who sold it to us and he says 120 vac only and wiring is non specific except for the ground. I want to contact Grundfos directly but they do not even list a number. I will wire it 110
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