6KW Sys--->going for it (questions)


I am about to close on a grid tied /battery back up(48v
four 12v /200ah) System

30 Kyocera (KD215GX-LPU)
> pole mount (two large dia pipe in concrete)

Schneider Electric (Xantrex) XW4548 Hybrid unit

My questions: will the XW 4548 handle what the installer has chosen?
Stringing options.?
15 modules/ pole ---->doable?

I've been reading this site for days ----you folks are awesome ( and so patient with us newbies)

Thank you.kindly.

>(location---> N Western Wisconsin )


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    Re: 6KW Sys--->going for it (questions)

    Don't spend any money just yet...

    Generally, the recommendation for a 4.5 kW XW inverter would be minimum of 450 AH @ 48 Volt battery bank. A 200 AH battery bank sounds quite small if you are planning on supporting 9kW surge current.

    And too small a battery bank can be an issue with a large array--The battery bank voltage can surge and over voltage the DC input to the inverter...

    Also, a 6.45 kW array with a 4.5 kW GT inverter? Why? Why not the XW6048 (it is not very much more money--and would recommend a minimum of 600 AH @ 48 volt battery bank for 12 kW surge support).

    Regarding the pole mount--fixed not tracking? Do you have a structural/Civil Engineer ready to sign off? Do you have high/gusty winds in your area?

    What Brand/Model of MPPT charge controller(s) are you planning on using between the array and the battery bank?

    Backup generator planned? 120/240 VAC split phase (not 120 VAC only)?

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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