Hardware Choices?

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Is there a preferred brand or type of hardware for systems? What about on the roof of a building with R-Panels. I have looked at Unirac and SnapNRack a little.

Any pointers that can be given as to certain parts on a system. The gounding we understand fairly well. It matches what we do on a daily basis now.


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    Re: Hardware Choices?

    If I understand your question properly you're wondering about mounting hardware? If so, I'd have to say no, there is not a preferred brand for different panels... I recently finished installing my panels on my roof and I think I spent more time searching for the appropriate mounting hardware than anything else in my system believe it or not!... It seems to me that this system of ordering is not made to be very easy... I found the Unirac system is the easiest install (It was for me anyway)... The I beam pieces that give you a flush mount to the roof are about $5/foot!... So for someone like me who is only mounting 2 panels its not that big of a deal, but when putting panels all over your roof it would get a bit expensive...

    From what I found, all modern panels are faily similar in their framework and the major manufactures of the mounts that have been made to fit your frame specifically... For Unirac they have the same I beam type piece that mounts to your roof with a sliding bracket, but you need to know the size of your frame in order to get the appropriate clamps... Another nice feature of Unirac is that they have different colored mounting hardware, so if you have black frames on your panels like I do, your array looks quite nice on the roof by having all black metal parts (If you have OCD and an eye for cosmetics its a big deal)...

    I'm sure the other systems are equally good, but being new to the industry and doing the installing myself I was pleasantly suprised at the ease of install that existed with the Unirac system :)
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    Re: Hardware Choices?

    I'm an engineer and I found there was a lot of options out there. I found that unirac had the best solution for me and it really was not that expensive.
    Panels cost the most then inverters then the rack. I used SolarMount-I. So simple my wife could have figured it out.
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