adding a 3rd panel

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I have 2 KC130s in parallel and am going to add another KD 135 to the mix. Since I have a PWM CC and everything is already wired to the CC from the panels, running in series and using a MPPT CC is not an option right now. So, 2 questions.

1) Do I need a bypass diode in between each panel?
2) I plan on putting an inline fuse between each panel. Is that appropriate to do? The fuses will be 10 amp in size.



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    Re: adding a 3rd panel

    You do not need to add any diodes.

    Yes, you now need to add a fuse to each panel whose value based on the data sheet (usually called the "Series Fuse").

    And the parallel Imp/Isc of the array should not exceed the specifications of the PWM controller.

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    Re: adding a 3rd panel

    max fuse size as per specs here = 15A

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    Re: adding a 3rd panel

    Thanks folks. That's what I needed confirmed.