Connecting and disconnecting equipment

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I have 100W of solar, a single deep cycle battery and a Morningstar SunSaver SS-10 charge controller.

I use this system camping so I connect and disconnect often.

I am confused about the order in which to disconnect. The Controller says to connect the battery first then the solar panels. The panels say not to disconnect under load.

What is the proper sequence to disconnect?


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    Re: Connecting and disconnecting equipment

    They're both right.

    To connect up, attach the batteries to the charge controller first. Then connect the panels.
    To disconnect, take the panels off first then unhook the batteries.

    The "confusing" bit is: do not connect/disconnect panels under load.
    If the panels are covered or even out of direct sun they will produce just about zero Amps and therefor not be under load.

    What you want to avoid is any connection/disconnection where there is substantial current flowing. That includes loads on battery, or any part of the charging circuit when the panels are producing current.
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    Re: Connecting and disconnecting equipment

    I think the best way is connect and disconnect everything either before sun up or after sundown .or either turn the panels over if that can be done or have a tarp that you can cover them with. If no sun on the panels then all is ok.:cool:
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    Re: Connecting and disconnecting equipment

    Personally, I don't think it a big issue either way with only 100 watts of Panel (~4-5 amps) Probably not enough to generate an arc at the battery nor harm a controller. When in doubt, cover the panel, as has been suggested.

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