bp solarex panels

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I need info on some panels that I have. They are 24"x48" panels. 45 watt 600 volt with part # 900072 and serial# 00293314. LAM/SUNFLOWER 2/NON-POWERVIEW/AMP CONN. Can you help


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    Re: bp solarex panels

    You might find some information here:
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    I found specs. for a SolareX MXS 60:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]MSX-60 MSX-64 PDF Spec sheet[/FONT]

    Pmax @ STC 60 W
    Pmax @ PTC 54 W
    Vmp at Pmax 17.1 V
    Imp at Pmax 3.5 A
    Voc @ STC 21.1 V
    Voltage change -80 mV/C

    Here is a page with a bunch of SolareX modules and dimensions.

    I could not find any that matched the dimensions that you gave...


    PS: Here is a text listing of a whole bunch of SolareX panels (electrical and LxW dimensions).

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