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I have attempted to Google this answer and I obvious do not know enough to be able to describe what I am wanting to Google to get useful hits. Iw as getting all kinds of hits - just not what I am wanting.

I (we) are wanting to be able to from our office - remotely "know" what the voltage is at a house.

I'm looking for some type of volt meter that can connect to the collar and then through a cell phone network or some such get the data out.

Smart Sync has a "smart box" that will take various inputs and do the cell phone side of this project.

Do you all have any brainstorming and thoughts on this?

Bottom line - we need real time voltage readings at a select house.



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    Re: remote measurement

    I looked at something similiar and decided on a different approach
    A web connected camera
    Low cost and readily available
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    Re: remote measurement

    There is the tweet-a-watt if you want a DIY type project...

    And somebody is now selling a tweet-a-watt component kit.

    Is this a "one off" or are you looking for multiple units.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: remote measurement

    This is a small count - maybe 5 or so.

    I would prefer not a kit / hobby type but something ready to go - safe / weather durable - we want to leave it at the house and now that I'm thinking about it something teh home owner couldn't get in to and tamper with.

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    Re: remote measurement

    Hi Sparky,

    Here are a couple of options that might do what you want (I have no experience with any of them): $220, web-based

    More ideas including data loggers that you can leave and come back to check later (not real time):

    And this baby comes with its own cell phone to call home:

    Go with search terms like "server room voltage monitor", "smart meter", "remote voltage monitor" and add wireless to get things that might talk to the internet. You can also get good search hints by viewing the source of the web pages above and checking out the keywords section near the top.

    Amazon has some items but nothing as clean as the first and third items above.

    Good Luck,

    Mark R.
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    Re: remote measurement

    Look at this:
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