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Hi all,
I have a question....I need to feed a 10kw,200 vac 3ɸ, 50 Hz system with solar energy as main supply, I have a kazecamome unit that supplies 198 many kazecamome units do I need and which inverter do I need....If somebody can quote I will apreciate.


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    Re: Inverter selection

    I think you need to describe what you are looking for in a bit more detail...

    Is this a Grid Tied system, Off-Grid system, with Generator or without, how many kWH per day, where is the installation (country regulations, solar isolation, etc.).

    Your 198 watt units are 0.198 kW or:
    • 10kW / 0.198 kW = 505 units
    But--without knowing more about your power needs--it is really difficult to say much and be helpful.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Re: Inverter selection

    Also, knowing the actual system voltage would be helpful. I've never heard of a 200 volt, 50Hz polyphase system, which tells me the system voltage is something else.

    There are some inverters from OutBack that I =think= can be used to produce a 50Hz 110 / 190 Wye 3-phase system, but again -- actual system voltages would be useful.