L14-30r receptacle wiring for 120 volt system

I have a generator with a 30 amp 120/240 volt L14-30r outlet (4 prong-generator style). I would like to use this outlet to make a run to my cabin. I would like to use an extension cord from the generator to the cabin where I will have a male receptacle. This will be weather proof as on an RV.

My question is one of wiring the receptacle. The outlet on the generator has 4 wires (2 hot -red/black; 1 neutral -white; 1 ground -green) as does the cord.

In order to get 240 from the generator I assume I would have to run 1 hot (red) to one side of the service panel of the cabin, and the other hot (black) to the other side. However, I only need 120 volts as that is all my cabin and service panel are wired for.

So, can I also assume that by only wiring 1 hot wire to the service panel (black) that I will only be receiving 120 volts from the generator? The red leg would just end at the receptacle.

I hope my question is clear.




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