XW6048 Strange Behavior

I have had the XW6048 going now for over a year running fine. However, tonight I noticed a strange thing. It is grid tied, with the load showing for example 648W of use. But, every second it seems, the load will drop to 0, then right back up to where it was before. At first I thought it was because I was running a microwave, and it was just coming on like that. But now I see it is still doing this behavior.

Now, something that is unusual on my part is that I turned off the PV array to the two charge controllers and the battery power to them also. During that time, the XW6048 showed it was supplying the necessary electricity for the subpanel, and was not alternating to 0 every second or two. I have now turned the battery power back on to them, and the XW6048 is still doing the same thing, alternating to 0 on the load every second.

So is this a problem? Is it cutting off the electricity for whatever I'm running off the subpanel every second?

OK, now this is an update. It was still doing this alternating to 0 when I checked it. Then I went into the choices menu on XW6048, chose Advanced Settings and got to Grid Support. I did not make any changes to the options, I just exited out of the menu back to the display screen. And now it is behaving just fine and not alternating to 0 on the load.

But I would still be interested to hear why this could have occurred.


  • nielniel Solar Expert Posts: 10,300 ✭✭✭✭
    Re: XW6048 Strange Behavior

    may be a little glitch and when you went into the menu and then back out it was reset. i would keep a watchful eye to see if it does it again.
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