"Sky 4 Energy"

Can someone tell me if this is a scam and if not is it legal? Thanks


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    Re: "Sky 4 Energy"

    From the point of view--You pay them $47 and they send you some booklets about energy... No it is not a scam.

    From the point that they are going to:
    Fact: Sky Generators that create 100% FREE Electricity have been used by the Power Companies for years. Yet, they keep this hidden from you so that you keep on paying your Electricty Bills.
    Save your money. It is very similar to the various other earth 4 energy programs too.

    This is what they are interested in:
    Earn 100% of $47 Per Sale + $67 Backend Sale
    Converting at 10 - 20%

    Converting at 10 - 20%?
    Are you Serious?

    Yes, we split test our product for months before making it available to affiliates, until we achieve an excellent conversion rate.
    So, since you send the money and they send you the book(s)--It is not illegal.


    PS: They are really smart... They put on their web page phrases like "is this a scam" and "review" so they get lots of Google Hits instead of finding somebody that actually is commenting on their product.
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    Re: "Sky 4 Energy"

    Sky4Energy types where they promise the impossible in return for money have to be considered a scam.

    These guys are the lowest class of people around - really this is no different than stealing.
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    Re: "Sky 4 Energy"

    Almost certainly a scam. The web page does not even answer its own question, "Why aren't the power companies doing it?"

    The name is surprisingly similar to Earth4Energy, a known ripoff. Note the sensationalistic style of the pitch, and the testimonials without a verifiable reference.

    Here is one of the few objective analyses of Earth4Energy: http://www.nlcpr.com/Deceptions6.php
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    Re: "Sky 4 Energy"

    The basic concept =does= work -- people have flown electric wires on balloons and kites and measured voltage potentials in the 10's of thousands of volts. The problem is converting that energy into something that can be used.

    And no one has figured out how to do that yet ...