Battery: charge before first use?

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Hi all - what is the best practice for using new deep cycle solar batteries for the first time. Would you recommend a refresher charge before first use? Full charge or maybe when it reaches a certain pre-set voltage? Some books mentioned it but didn't go into enough detail...

Appreciate all inputs & thanks.


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    Re: Battery: charge before first use?

    i would be sure it was up to a full charge and hopefully it should not take much to achieve that. be sure to follow proper charging parameters for your batteries.
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    Re: Battery: charge before first use?

    What type ?
    If FLA, I fully charge then EQ, The data from that is then the first entry in the bat service record and a point for future reference,

    Have a good one
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    Re: Battery: charge before first use?

    What Tim is saying for Flooded Cell is to use a hydrometer and measure/log the Specific Gravity for each cell into a note book after the first charge/equalization (and logging the battery/cell resting voltage might be handy too)... This will be your 100% fully charged value for the bank.

    From that point on, you can monitor bank to ensure proper charging / battery maintenance is being performed without guessing when your bank is fully charged and/or needs equalization (basically, when the range of specific gravity from cell to cell is greater than ~0.020 to 0.030 points per cell).

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