xantrex ICM/SWRC distance

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These inverter remotes are spec'd out at 50ft max. I'd like to go 100ft. Does anybody know if they would work at 100 ft or if there is a booster/amplifier or some gadget to let them work at 100ft?



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    Re: xantrex ICM/SWRC distance

    The ICA adapter for computer base operation works near 400 feet I seem to remember from an install. The best I could tell you is to try it with the controll module. Cross ac lines and any signal lines that might interfere at right angles.

    This equipment is obsolete but it is all over the place. I was up in the Silly valley several months ago at an electronic surplus store and I saw a bunch of Trace gear. An alternative if you just need basic data and not controll is an XWCC with the system controll panel. All cat5 RJ45 and a long way! Good Luck!
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