GE new 4 megawatt permanent magnet

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Anyone know how GE controls voltage on the new permanent magnet turbines...???? there is no gears..
Do you think they ac dc ac or is it something else??? thanks


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    Re: GE new 4 megawatt permanent magnet

    Here is a brochure (PDF) for a 2.5 MW PM but geared wind turbine.
    The electrical system design of the 2.5 MW wind turbine consists
    of a permanent magnet generator and full power conversion.
    In the lower tower section, the power module efficiently converts
    the energy from the permanent magnet generator into power that
    provides frequency and voltage control required by transmission
    system operators. The integration of the converter and transformer
    down tower , rather than the nacelle, ensures that vibration loads
    do not affect the reliability of the power electronics. The converter
    cooling system has been designed to minimize moving parts
    for reliability and features passive coolers that use the same
    wind that powers the turbine.

    My guess is that the system is sort of like an MPPT solar charger/GT inverter... The front end take the AC power (wild frequency/voltage) and optimizes current conversion to maximize power=voltage*current. That energy is stored (probably in a capacitor bank) and then converted into the voltage/current/phase needed for the utility power.

    Since there is no relationship between input power and output power (other than total power converted--no frequency/voltage issues)--then there is no turbine speed regulation issues (other than to maximize true output power by adjusting torque from the alternator to let the blades spin at optimum speed).

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    Re: GE new 4 megawatt permanent magnet

    More interesting than that is:

    ChapDrive 5 MW hydraulic transmission wind turbines. Very low maintenance, light weight, and can be shut down and controlled easily from the ground.
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