Quiet Revoloution Turbine

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I recently came across this animation of a UK companies design for a modern, urban landscape wind generator. It has some real definite advantages such as almost noise free operation and can generate energy more efficiently with indirect swirling winds, or so the video claims however.

Has anyone heard or seen these before? Does anyone know if they have been deployed at all in North America? I'm curious to see how they stack up to the traditional blade design in real life situations.



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    Re: Quiet Revoloution Turbine

    What is the web site - İ can't get Youtube
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    Re: Quiet Revoloution Turbine

    Horus, here is a link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uJCiJmVbjM of a real one in action, but the claims on the out put???? :roll:
    and also this one kinda of looks like a blender blade (the dough beater type). it is a proto-type in action, but listen carefully, you can hear the "wisp" of the blades as they come around.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxMh18SGhyA it is located in New Mexico back in 2007:D
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    Re: Quiet Revoloution Turbine

    Typical VAWT concept. I guess one would say, "With a bit of a twist" to the design. Less blade and resistance on the return half of the rotation. (When the blade is spinning into the draft). Helical blades are great, don't get me wrong, however, unless the edges are sharp coming into the wind, will produce some resistance and noises. Maybe not the typical fan blade noises.

    Eye candy. Nice sleek design but not tested thoroughly. What does it generate for power ? What is the start up speed ? PMA technology ? Things always look brilliant on AutoCad animation.

    I'm tempted to build my own, however have to look for supplies and components.
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