sunpower and seimans, same array?

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Hey, I am putting together a small pv battery system. 2 seimans 48w 12 v and a Sunpower 80w 12v. Can these be in the same array? I know that the grounding for the sunpower positive grounding, but I not sure if this will make a difference. I am using a trace c-30a controller. Thanks


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    Re: sunpower and seimans, same array?

    Basic electrical connection wise--no it will not make a difference.

    Assuming this is a PWM charge controller and Vmp for both panels is higher than 15 volts (typically around 17 volts or so)--then that is OK too (high voltage, Vmp>>18 volts or so for a 12 volt battery bank, is less efficient when connected to a 12 volt battery bank.

    If this is an MPPT type charge controller and/or you are charging a 24 volt battery bank, then match Vmp/Imp becomes more of an issue and we need to look at the actual Vmp/Imp ratings and how you are connecting the panels in series/parallel for optimum power from the array into the battery bank.

    Lastly, the Sunpower panel is supposed to be positive grounded or it can lose some XX% of its output (temporarily, connecting as positive ground is suppose to bring its power back to 100% within hours)... But since you have the panel anyway--go ahead and use it.

    I believe Tony/Icarus has one of the Sunpower 80 watt panels--and he is (last I heard) very happy with his.

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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