Mono crystalline vs multi crystal

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Which panel type, mono crystal or multi crystal would give the best overall output in the southeast (Alabama) even factoring in cloudy weather of summer thunderstorms? Let us assume the wattage is equal as well as other factors except type mentioned above.


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    Re: Mono crystalline vs multi crystal

    Hi Tom,

    The simple answer is both are just fine if purchased from reputable manufactures. Both types of panels (and really thin film tool) behave the same under varying lighting conditions. None of them will have any significant advantages in cloudy weather.

    Panels simply convert the energy that falls on them into electrical energy... Cut the light by 1/2 (light clouds), their energy output falls by 1/2.

    If you are not constrained by area (mono-crystalline panels are a bit more efficient), then purchase on $$$/Watt delivered to your home.

    There is another issue for some folks... Mono-Crystalline tend to have a solid black color and poly-crystalline have a "fractured" blue/black look to them (the different crystal orientations). Some folks (spouses?) prefer the uniform look of mono-crystalline panels.

    What will be a more important question for you is what will the solar panels be powering... If Grid Tied or Off-Grid, controller type, battery bank voltage (if applicable), how long is the wiring run from the panels to the home/battery shed/etc. And that gets into solar panel voltage/current and ambient temperatures.

    So, still lots of configuration questions to go.

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