no control wind turbine

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Having trouble keeping a Kestrel turbine controller from burning up. Great care taken to troubleshoot and finally got a tip that the Kestrel controllers are no good. The tip said that some are using a voltage clamp and an FM 60 for control.

Anyone have any history of connecting directly to the batteries through a breaker and using a dump control for regulation?


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    Re: no control wind turbine

    The friends you'll find here should be able to find some answers for you.

    Yes. History serves that wind turbines are hooked up directly to battery banks. Both my banks are hooked up directly with a Morningstar TS-45 or 60 charge controller with PWM , load diversion, and many more options. For the $180, it's worth the investment and I've had no issues with either of them for a year now. Just make sure your turbine does not produce more than the amp rating.
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    Re: no control wind turbine

    although i am not personally familiar with wind turbine setups, you can use a pwm controller like the xantrex c40 set up as a diversion controller. controllers must specify that they can be used as a diversion controller and you must have a reliable alternate load or risk the turbine going into self destruct.
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