Performance question?

I have installed a 5460 watt pv system with Kyocera kd-210 panels and a sma 5000 inverter. South facing with a 5 degree pitch, no shading. It was installed in Dec of 2009, the highest wattage I've seen was a few days ago it was 5110 watts on the display. Does this sound good for this time of year?

I have been very impressed with the system so far, I have had 0 problems, It has worked flawlessly since I kicked on the breaker.




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    Re: Performance question?
    • 5110 watts peak/5460 watts of panels = 93.5% (output / name plate)
    My system (just south of San Francisco, Bay side of coastal hills--more sun and heat)--logged by eyeball when walking by, so I may have missed other peak values--3kW is peak inverter rating anyway so I would not expect much more):
    • 3,000 watts peak /3,500 watts of panel = 86% ratio (output / name plate)
    So--your system, for a warm climate, sure sounds like it is running well for a warm climate.

    One note, some brands/models of solar equipment (particularly solar charge controllers) tend to over estimate power produced by upwards of 5-10%. (I don't know accuracy range of SMA). So take any production numbers with a grain of salt unless independently verified or Inverter specifics meter accuracy.

    In the end, keep track of kWH output (by month or year)--and watch year over year production for any dramatic fall-off in power output (my guess, any year over year numbers with less than 10% differences is normal weather variations).

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