everything on switchable outlets or powerstrips?

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Here's a new one: i picked up a new wireless phone for my home office, a uniden from staples (model dect1560). as with everything else in the house this phone is shutoff when not in use (its a home office so i dont want to listen to people trying to call me on the weekend :).

anyhow, this phone leaks power out of the battery when the power is off, i forget the term but its SO annoying,. i have to let it sit in the cradle and charge ALL day to recover from the reverse current (there remembered it) issue! im going to take it off the cradle before powering down tonight, that should be better, just one more thing to try to remember :cry:


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    Re: everything on switchable outlets or powerstrips?

    You may have to open the back and put an amp-meter on the battery pack.

    You might find that the handset uses more power when the base station is turned off (transmitter set to high power/search mode trying to find the "missing base station") vs during "normal standby operation".

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    Re: everything on switchable outlets or powerstrips?

    thats it :( thanks.
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    Re: everything on switchable outlets or powerstrips?

    Another way around this common problem is to use the CC aux port to switch a relay that powers a 120VAC power strip when the sun is shining. The same logic could also be built into the inverter but prioritized to the user requirements.

    Would it be nice to know how much extra energy was in the bank or what was needed to keep gridties in the low price tier and use the balance for the user requirments. A prediction of how much energy could still be produced based on time of day, insolation, recent history, forcasted possible loads....

    All the info is there now, the inverter just hasn't any intelligence.
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