High volume off grid pumping system design questions.

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Trying to help a friend out who wants to pump ideally 60gpm from a pond into some flow forms for water treatment . Also, would like to pump water from pond to pond/garden which could be several hundred feet. All of this is less then 20' head and probably even less then 10'. This can be during sun hours, so I figure directly coupled system with no batteries/inverters. Budget 3000-4000, but looking into tax credit options and such which could increase the budget.

Looking into this, it sounds like about a 1KW system.

Most of my questions involve the pumps, so I look at an el cheapo pump for $70 that does 30gpm at about 1kw. granted this is AC. Then looking into pumps associated with off-grid systems the price is like 10x. Anyhow, the pump that seems to fit is the Grundfos 60 SGF-3 and Lorentz ps1200 Centrifugal pricey....then the Dankoff 7526 at like half the other at $900. What am I paying for in these more expensive pumps? Some have MPPT I noticed and can take much higher array voltage which can make it easier if the pump is a distance from the array(realize I can move pump close to array and use more piping) I guess the question is, what pump would y'all recommend for my system? The Dankoff seems good, but 1kw at 24Volts 45 Amps? wire runs from array to pump can be an issue then?




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    Re: High volume off grid pumping system design questions.


    Our company actually owns and manufactures the Dankoff solar water pumps. I would be more than happy to speak with you about our products and how they can help with your specific project.

    Please feel free to contact us by calling (toll free) 866-856-9819 .


    The Innovative Solar Team
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    Re: High volume off grid pumping system design questions.

    our host northern arizona wind & sun do carry those pumps too, but i see no prices listed. oversight?:confused::cry:
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