using conduit for roof mount

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I am installing two BP 3170 panels on my roof. Should I use conduit to run wire from the panels to my combiner, a total of 23 feet? I will be installing Ground fault protection at the time of the panel install.

Is conduit required for a roof installation? It doesn't seem to be clear to me.

Any advise would be helpful. Thanks.:D


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    Re: using conduit for roof mount

    I am not a code guy--but I have seen using UV rated wire run across the roof and I have seen conduit... If you have lots of little furry animals--I would go with metal conduit everywhere practical.

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    Re: using conduit for roof mount

    Technically, solar rated cable does not need to be in conduit on the roof. If you penetrate the house, the cable needs to be in conduit unless you have a DC disconnect on the roof. However, you must keep your solar cables from contacting the roof, especially asphalt shingles. The roof material will wear holes in the insulation from contact. That being said, you can either build a structure 23 feet across to strap your solar cables to or run them in conduit. Personally, I'd run them in conduit.

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    Re: using conduit for roof mount

    Like pbartko, I would recommend running the cables in conduit any time they're not physically strapped to rails under the panels.