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I would like to add a small wind turbine to my system. I have been thinking about the TLG, hower they dont post a power curve, anyone have any idea of what can be expected of these turbines? What inveter would be best to complement these?


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    Re: TLG
    Here are the ACTUAL power curves. According to everything I have read about TLG, these guys stand behind their products 110%.
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    Re: TLG

    Here is the Mfg. website (NAWS has started selling TLG's too--so you might call them directly and see what their latest experiences may be)....

    From the above using a 12 volt battery and assuming a relatively windy site of 8 mph average over 24 hours would be 30 watts * 24 hours = 720 WH...

    A good inverter for that might be a 12 volt Morning Star 300 Watt True Sine Wave inverter... Very efficient and included search mode and a DC remote off switch.

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    Re: TLG

    When looking at the TLG power curves - remember that unless you have a real unusual location you are probably closer to the 9 mph wind speed than you are the 17 mph wind speed.

    There are very few locations in the US that can boast an annual average wind speed of more than 12 mph.
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    Re: TLG

    After looking at the pictures, not sure what they're trying to sell. Mostly T&A ?

    Suggestion, build your own for about 500, loose the high maintenance ads and start up costs. Old alternator technology for PMA's have been around for decades. Mine have been spinning for a year now without a motor issue. Some nickel & dime stuff (non-motor related) was ironed out, however, mostly a solid design.
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