experimental use of solar

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I connected (2) 30 watt DIY panels in series for total 3 amps/60 watts output. I connected a 12 amp dc motor from a broken vacuum cleaner the ac rating is 120volts/60 hz. When connected to the panels, it appears that the motor is spinning at 1/4 power (3 amps) in full sun. Anyone have any "bright" ideas as to what can be connected or what they connected to the motor spindle which has a split end for rod attachment? See photo. Thanks


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    Re: experimental use of solar

    My vacuum cleaner motor turns an open-sided impeller with s-curved vanes, to allow objects to be moved through without clogging or jamming the motor.
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    Re: experimental use of solar

    They probably used a thin piece of plastic or light metal in the slot to couple it to the impeller so it would break away and just let the motor spin in case of a solid jam.
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