Custom Battery Settings XW-mppt60

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Hi everyone,

Just installed my new Xantrex XW-MPPT-60 on our off grid system. I seemed to luck out into going to the advance settings for the custom battery settings. All is well and am seeing a good increase in amperage. However, I am unable to get it out of the advanced settings in the battery menu, or to repeat the process. The instructions read to press at the same time the enter, up arrow, and down arrow keys. Have tried numerous times to get out of advanced with no success. Any suggestions? Maybe something I'm missing? Do I have to be in a special menu to do the key press?

It's just me and my wife, so no one will mess with it; we can leave it as is in this setting, but would like to know for the future when I pick up my second XW.:D


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    Re: Custom Battery Settings XW-mppt60

    Press the left 3 buttons on the SCp simultaneously, Mine toggles between basic and advanced every time I do it.
  • silvertopsilvertop Solar Expert Posts: 155 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Re: Custom Battery Settings XW-mppt60

    Thanks , now I understand, the three button key press is for the SCP only . I just have one XW mppt60 controller, individually they remain unlocked all the time. Very nice controller it definitley ramped up the Amps. Now I want to replace my second charge controller with a second XW:D
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