S-5-PV Kit and Grounding

I will be beginning my first standing seam installation in a few months and need help on proper grounding. I will be using the Unirac S-5-PV Kit. What is the approved method for grounding the panels or array to the standing seam roof?


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    Re: S-5-PV Kit and Grounding

    you don't need to. it is the pvs and the rails that will get grounded. if the roof by coincidence gets grounded then fine. use proper connections and just remember dissimilar metals like copper to steel is a no no. stainless steel works.
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    Re: S-5-PV Kit and Grounding

    Are you saying that I only need to ground the panels together - via an IFF clip or ground lug and wire running along array and back to the inverter or combiner panel?

    I understand the rail grounding, but would the S-5-PV Kit be included in this defenition and therefore need to be grounded?
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    Re: S-5-PV Kit and Grounding

    i am saying just the pvs in this case need grounded as i see no rails for the system. if you are in doubt then double check with unirac if they intended the roof to need a ground connection and also get a local inspector's (if you have one) advice on what he may require. as far as i could tell only the pvs will need a continuous ground wire to a rod.

    a note on the seam roofs.
    to properly ground a metal roof, each section would need bonded to the next one and would prove to be tedious and problematic in my view, especially with that many holes to screw to for electrical connections. that means it would need to be seen as one large solid piece of metal electrically and then run that to ground. grounding a seam roof is not normally required by itself so i see no reason it would need it just because pvs are on top of it. since the pvs will sit above the roof they will discharge any potentials to ground that may have been present. of course i view rails to not need grounding for the same reason, but some think otherwise. both the roof and rails in a railed system are electrically connected at the point they attach to the pvs and the pvs are to be grounded.
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    Re: S-5-PV Kit and Grounding

    My company finished a metal roof 170 kW install using s-5 pv kits a couple of months ago and i too was confused on the grounding at first.

    You do not have to worry about the individual s-5 pieces and since the pv kit uses no rails all you have to do is provide a continuous ground for the modules and you are set.
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