First off i trying to find answer in a bunch of question

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Like the title says i'm trying to find answer to a bunch of question about liveing up north in the area of Alaska .

Because of going to be retired here in a next 5 or 6 years i do not want to have to buy fuel to charge the place batties because of the socalled raiseing cost of the fuel that way i'm asking alot of question about the system and batties .

If i do not take the job up there my main goal is to move back to the southwestern part of the US to retire and build my off grid cabin there in the area of AZ or NM or southern Co area up in the mountains area


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    Re: First off i trying to find answer in a bunch of question

    Basically, you first need to know your loads...

    Watt*Hours or Amp*Hours (at what voltage)... Daily Average, by season (summer/winter/etc..).

    I like to aim at a balanced system... And, usually, that means making up for bad weather/poor sun elevation by using a genset...

    But, if you can use a Honda eu1000i (900 watt) or eu2000i (1,600 watt) with a smaller battery bank and ~400-800 watts of panels--you should have enough power for a few lights, computer, small pump to pressurize your water system, radio, etc...

    Check with Icarus (Tony) and Cariboocoot (Marc)--They both live in the great white north (Canada) and run smaller systems sized for cabin use.

    Marc has ~6,000 hours on a Honda eu1000i (wow)...

    The idea would be to get your fuel use to a minimum during winter and burned efficiently instead of a huge battery bank and 5kW diesel--which can also work--but it will cost you in upfront costs, and replacements years down the road (battery replacement every 5-8+ years, etc.).

    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset