"Dyno Batteries" question!

Hey all. I am looking to replace my bank of 12 "Dyno D-85-29 1420 amp 2 volt industrial Cells". The string has been appropriate for the draw from the house, until recent degradation of the entire string. Historically, there has been moderate assist from the genset.

Any thoughts on alternatives with similar storage and output? The Dyno's have been good but I'm looking for your expert advise on possibly better alternatives in the same price range.


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    Re: "Dyno Batteries" question!

    i can't comment on any high yield 2v cells as i have never had any. i'm sure they are all quite good including the ones you have, but to comment on comparisons i can't say. here is a link that you may research some of these batteries and i'm sure there are other brands as well that are quite good. wish i could say with more detail for you, but be aware that agm style 2v cells are also available as you'll see in your research.
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    Re: "Dyno Batteries" question!


    I know nothing of Dyno batteries.

    Surrette makes some largeish 2 volt batteries:

    2KS33 P = 1766 AH@20 Hrs
    2YS31 P = 2430 AH@20 Hrs


    Scroll down to Section D

    I have not run this exact battery, and both of these exceed the capacity of the Dyno cells you have.

    I do like 2 V batteries, as one can EQ individual cells if necessary.

    Good Luck, Vic
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