2 links in french

perhaps it will be interesting for you:

1 - map of installation in france:


you can zoom a little and click on one of the sun icon to see some info, if you then clik near the yellow/green head at the top left near the name ("voir la fiche") you can then see more information and select production for different years (Année) if any.

2 - small calculator for off the grid for some french town

no translation, sorry


I am using firefox and blocks all the adds, so i don't know if there is pop up or not, i apologize if any appears.


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    Re: 2 links in french

    it was determined some time back that posts and links here on the forum shall be in english as at the time only english was known by myself and bb so we can't properly check the content. i can gather to some degree that the links are fine and i'm not sure if our 2 new moderators speak french or not. in any case it is better to keep it all in one language for most of us do not speak french leaving the bulk of us out of the benefit of the posts or links. in the future it may be a good idea to run it past us first, but we do have the option of deleting anything non-english just so you are aware.
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    Re: 2 links in french

    Certainement! Tous les Canadiens parlent français. :p

    Mine isn't up to translating the linked pages, however.
    Basically the first is about installing panels and the second is something like PV Watts.
    I'm not sure either would be particularly useful to this largely English-speaking forum. Even those of us on the fringes of lingua franca* would be able to make use of this.

    *This does not mean the French language, by the way. :roll:
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