Need help with XW MPPT60-150 MPPT operation.



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    Re: Need help with XW MPPT60-150 MPPT operation.

    Technosun is the dealer nearest me 2 hours drive south ! Last year I emailed them and rang them. no reply to email, no one spoke english, which is not a surprise in Spain .

    My youngest 17 yr old son who came out with us, is now fluent in Catalan will probably come with me . Ive spoken with David Alsina at Xantrex who also told me about Technosun, It would be nice to have a letter of introduction of sorts as with the lanuage barrier it is going to be difficult to walk through the doors and say Hi give me installer discount matey ! Im sure you get my drift.

    I have purchase receipts from Delta LA and Solar Converters but very little else to show I want to open a small shop / installation bussiness. I will have some extra funds in July 2008 to further increase my stock holding.
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