Monitoring an Inverter with a PDA

I've written a small program to monitor our PV Powered PVP2800-XV inverter with a PDA.

If anyone is interested, this could probably be adapted to another model of inverter, as long as it has an RS-232 serial interface, and the command protocol is known.

The program, and its open source code, are posted here:

What I like about this solution is that is uses very little power, since the PDA only wakes up when it needs to take a sample. I don't have an AC adapter hooked up to the PDA, and after taking a week's worth of samples, the PDA's battery is still virtually at full.


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    Re: Monitoring an Inverter with a PDA

    nice work. it's good to see stuff like this being done. if anybody else tries it let us know how it did and for what inverter. any bugs found, problems or not, etc.
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