recombination batteries

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I have access to a warehouse that sells mis-shipped goods, goods with damaged packaging etc, etc. I stumbled upon 3 Powersafe 4 volt 160Ah (8hr/ 1.75VPC) batteries. The research I've dome shows them to be sealed lead-acid. Will these work for a small solar battery bank?


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    Re: recombination batteries

    Sounds like they'd work for a small 12V based solar system. I'd check the voltage on each battery. If they check out at least 4.25V per battery, and all 3 batteries are close to one another in their voltage readings, then they are probably still useable. If battery voltage is very low or they vary greatly from battery to battery, then I'd probably steer clear of them. They might be more headache than they are worth.

    I got a "great deal" once on some "new" sealed batteries, but it turns out they had been sitting in a warehouse for a long time and they were badly sulfated. They turned out NOT being such a great deal after all.

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