MC4 connectors/cables and 6AWG or 8AWG

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I have gotten so much good advice already from this forum, but now that I am about to order my 2 Kyocera 135 watt panels I am finding I still can't fully visualize the whole system.

If I get two panels with the MC4 connections and wire them in parallel with the connectors, I am assuming I still want to use the biggest wire I can to get the current to the charge controller. I am going to order the Rogue 3024. The NAWS site says their MC4 cables are 10 gauge. The Kyocera panels MC4 connections are 12 gauge.

How do the MC4 connectors interface with a bigger wire? If I put the panels right over the cab on my van and the controller on the wall of the van about 4-5 feet down underneath the panels, what wire size would folks recommend and most importantly how do I connect this wire to the MC4 cables?

I understand I want 4 from the controller to the batteries, but the connections on that run seem obvious.

I hope to order everything at once, so any advice appreciated.


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    Re: MC4 connectors/cables and 6AWG or 8AWG

    If you're buying pre-made cables with MC4 connectors already on it isn't a problem: the MC4's on the panels simply plug in to the ones on the cables. Buy cables long enough to be cut in half so you have equal lengths of wire; one with a (+) connector and one with a (-) connector. The cut wire ends can be screwed down in the Rogue's input terminals (pretty sure they're screw-type).

    So two ten foot MC4 "extension" cables, cut in half, gives you two each of wires with (+) and (-) MC4 connectors for the panels on the other end. The two panels together will not exceed 17 Amps, so no worries there.

    Clearer or more confusing?
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    Re: MC4 connectors/cables and 6AWG or 8AWG

    The Rogue 3024 can handle up to 60V input. If it were me, I'd just wire the two Kyocera (12V nominal) panels in series. You'd have less cables to run, and would get less voltage drop. I'd recommend using 10AWG MC4 cables. The MC4 connectors connect independent of cable size. That is, there's no physical difficulty connecting a 12AWG cable with MC4 connector to a 10AWG cable with MC4 connector.

    (I should add the caveat that I'm new to this too, and if someone wiser/more experienced than I am thinks there's a good reason to wire your panels in parallel rather than in series, keep an open mind :D . Your wire runs are short.)
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