Mimicking Photosynthesis

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the link in RSS feed http://forum.solar-electric.com/showthread.php?t=10550 is very exciting to a forester.
It means that the photosynthesis process has finally been 'broken open'.. at least partly now.

Over 15 years ago in a Masters course I took one of our UBC profs predicted that the person who could 'crack' the second half of the photosynthesis process open would be doing mankind a great service. (It took over 20 years for the first portion to be solved.)

Why you might ask?

Because plants can break down H2O into 'H' and 'O2' on a dark foggy day using amazingly small amounts of sunlight. amounts so low that the human skin would not even perceive that there is actually incidence occurring.

Once they can run this process with as little solar energy as plants can, look out!
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