IOTA IQ4 Chargers Recall ??

Blackcherry04Blackcherry04 Solar Expert Posts: 2,490 ✭✭✭
I was talking to a friend in the RV Business, they received a Notice from IOTA yesterday that they should not sell any IOTA IQ4 series Chargers in stock. They have identified a glitch in the circuitry of these chargers.

Just a heads up, I have no clue about Manufacturing dates or any Information, I got this through phone chatter. I am sure someone else can follow up.


  • Powerguy2011Powerguy2011 Registered Users Posts: 6
    Re: IOTA IQ4 Chargers Recall ??

    I got the same message. I bought a Powermax converter instead. I like it better
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    Re: IOTA IQ4 Chargers Recall ??

    This was posted back in Feb. I looked for this info on the Iota website a few months ago, and now a few minutes ago, nothing mentioned.

    Even searched for recalls, and IQ4. If there actually is a recall, I'd like them to replace my IQ4 module.

    If anyone finds something in writing, please post it here. I plan on sending them an email this weekend if there's no response here.

    Thanks guys.
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