Buying Solar Batteries in Mexico

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As alluded to in a previous post, I am in the early planning stages for an off-grid home in a permaculture community outside of San Miguel de Allende (state of Guanajuato). My plan is to purchase PV panels from NAWS but as for batteries I don't know. I understand "wet-cell" batteries are considered hazardous material as far as transport not to mention the heavy weight if I was to trailer them down to Mexico from the US. I would like AGM batteries (but cost is so high now). So I think the best solution might just be to buy "wet-cell" golf-cart (or larger L16) size batteries in Mexico (hopefully near San Miguel de Allende). Do any forum members know where batteries can be purchased in Mexico for a good price?

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    Re: Buying Solar Batteries in Mexico

    There are a bunch of Costcos in Mexico--And I have seen Golf Cart batteries in Costcos near agricultural areas. Don't know if there is one that stocks batteries near you.

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