Waterproofing Sunsaver 6 Controller

Red Baron
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We're using the Sunsaver 6 charge controllers with low voltage disconnect. These go inside a plastic battery box so the controller is not directly exposed to rain, but of course they're not 100% waterproof. Since this charge controller has exposed screw-type terminal connections, do I need to make sure they're kept absolutely dry?

Secondly, can I waterproof them after hooking up the connections by flooding the terminals with hot glue (they will not need to be removed later)?


  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: Waterproofing Sunsaver 6 Controller

    Go to your auto supply store and get some dielectric grease. Basically a silicon compound designed to keep electrical connections on vehicles from corroding. That should do the trick, and will be a lot easier to deal with than hot glue.
  • niel
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    Re: Waterproofing Sunsaver 6 Controller

    i guess that may depend on how much moisture we are talking about here. i guess you could just check on it occasionally to see its condition, but actual water being present is also a current leakage path for the pvs and/or the battery and would not be acceptable in my view.
    as to hot glue or other sealants i'd check with morningstar on that to see if that voids any warrantys or if they'd have some other objection to you doing something like this.