Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

Folks good day,

This is my first post and this is not meant to slander or disparage SFS. This is more of an aleart to basic folks like us trying to put together a solar power application for our needs.

I received a email from Solutions From Science that they will swap a solar generator product that is advertised by them for a 1 ounce Gold bullion coin, i.e., American Eagle, Maple Leaf, South African Kruggerand.

Has anyone else received this solicitation. I have sent them a email requesting specific information on all the components contained within the package.

You may have guessed, I have not received a reply.

The only part they will show on their website is the PV panal, one 125 Watt panal and nothing else. They claim the package is really valued at $2,000 plus.

I already know the probable answer but just wanted to alert the average jane and joe.

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  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    This company has had itself and its products discussed here before. You can do a search for "Solutions From Science" and see what turns up.

    Short form: their claims are somewhat exaggerated.

    You'd be better off selling your gold locally at a reputable jeweler and spending the money wisely on equipment that will actually do what you need it to.

    That's about as gently as I can put it. :roll:
  • Truth Machine
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)


    Thank you, I already felt what you stated. Just wanted to let everyone know what had happened.

    thank you

    T M
  • russ
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    I have a solar package that I personally evaluate at 5 million dollars US which I also will exchange for a single 1 ounce gold coin.

    Now it may be that your appraisal of the setup is somewhat different than mine but such is life. I did allow 4,999,999$ value for the love and affection I had for the unit before it went up in smoke.

    Not to worry though, I am sure it will work better for you.

    The offer stands and my offer is as legitimate as any.:p
  • SteveK
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    Wow! It appears the value of gold has increased again! This time by osmosis with SFS!


    Really no difference to what normally happens when one relieves a fool of his money.
  • Cariboocoot
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    Conversely, I'm willing to trade all the gold I've ever dug up (yes, I am a licensed miner) for a complete, turn-key off-grid solar power system for my new house. ;)
  • jagec
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    Hmm, it seems strange that they would want the hassle of dealing with gold, even if they're selling snake oil.

    So, anyone have a good source on gold-plated tungsten bars?:p

    /edit: I answered my own question, by checking their website. Standard end-of-the-world, downfall-of-the-USA, survivalist stuff, with a right-wing cant. THAT'S why they want gold...those guys probably think that civilization is going to collapse at any moment.

    Not that end-of-the-world people should be stockpiling gold anyway. What do you think is going to be worth more in a post-apocalyptic barter system, that pile of shiny gold bricks, or a single course of any broad-spectrum modern antibiotic?
  • SteveK
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    Their main customer base is a sector of the "preparedness" culture. They range from "End Times" folks to Fiat currency skeptics and food shortage/TEOTWAWKI types.

    It is gold and silver that they have to spend/barter moreso than greenbacks.

    Prolly a smart move by SFS.....

    Edit: I see you edited there which include the brunt of this reply.

    For that matter they really don't need solar either, the End Timers I mean.....

    I prep for food shortages, my religion teaches (almost requires) it, SFS has no place in a real prep plan IMO. But at least they found more targets of opportunity out there.....
  • Slappy
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    Re: Solution From Science (Gold for Solar Swap)

    just send 40 pounds or so of computer parts, they should be able to extract an ounce of gold from them mother-boards, and a magic marker to draw a picture. :D