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I am new here.......
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    hi and welcome.
    i moved your post away from forum news and announcements, as that is not a good place to put intros in, and put it into its own thread.
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    Re: New here

    [content of post deleted. -Bill B. Moderator}


    We do not allow advertising on the forum... If you are a commercial installer/retailer/wholesaler/mfg. etc... We do allow participating members to have a discrete signature line identifying your company/product.

    Also, if you are answering a question and wish to link to your site--that can be OK too.

    This is a technical support forum run by volunteers to help both new to solar and even folks with lots of experience (we even have a few solar design engineers here, as well as installers and electricians with lots of solar RE experience).

    The forum is hosted/paid for by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun, a wholesaler/retailer of solar electric equipment and support (they pretty much allow us to discuss anything solar related here--the good, the bad, and the ugly).

    -Bill "Moderator" B.