diy solar panel

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how to question.Read many @ watched many vid. 1st question.Do they let the Bare cells touch the glass? I just got my EVA sheet in. I plan to make a vacuum press with Heat.My steps so far would be.1lay down glass,2 lay down eva sticky side up[or the covered side with the paper on it up] 3 lay down cells 4 cover with eva sticky side on back of cells 5 lay down backing on eva 6 put into vacuum box 7 heat to about 150 - 200 deg.F. 8 turn on vacuum , dont know how long for vacuum or lbs of vacuum. 9 let cool down and remove from box.
Im not sure of when to put the backing .would like any help/answers.
I seen one video were the guy took glass and then put on his cells face down and the put on the EVA .so it would just seal to the glass.His cells were touching the glass. I really don't know what the difference it would make if they touched of not.
Thanks for the comments.


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    Re: diy solar panel

    I have asked the question above. But now again i watch this vidio at
    and my question is .It looks like they just put the glass down then the solar cells the the EVA. and then heated and then vacuumed the air out.
    So you DON'T need 2 layers of EVA.
    Let me know ok.
    starting to build the Vacuum press/box
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    Re: diy solar panel

    I have built 1 home made 63W panel and I really don't think you can successfully transfer a row of pre soldered cells to your glass without specialized lifting devices like they show in the video. Otherwise I am thinking you will have damage to the cells.
    I think most lay out the pre-tabbed cells, solder them together and then seal the assembly to the glass.
    One thing to consider is the overall cost of the panel, after the glass, aluminum frame, cells, and sealant to seal it I had more in my home made panel than what I could have bought one for. Although I enjoyed building it I think I will invest in manufactured panels from now on. Thats just me though.