AGM Trickle CHarger

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I have an AGM 12V battery I use for powering my Solar Hot Water Heating System, In the system I run the controller and the AC pump of a 300W inverter, and I have a series of relays and switches to to operate 2 DC pumps for an external heat exchanger and in floor heat pump. I have a 55W panel charging the battery through a Tristar charge controller. I need to supplement the system w/ some battery charging, and was looking for an inexpensive AGM trickle charger. I was under the impression that I needed a charger that supplied closer to 14V to keep the battery conditioned properly.

Any Thoughts?


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    Re: AGM Trickle CHarger

    i agree a single 55w pv would not suffice for running that system and note that the inverter alone, if left on, would draw quite a bit of power without loads even on it so supplemental power is a very good idea be it solar or from the grid. before you buy be sure what the battery calls for and that means seeing what the manufacturer recommends for charging. from there you can look around to see if you can find a multistage charger that can meet the voltage requirements as set forth by the manufacturer. it does not have to have an eq charge and if it does then this feature should be able to be disabled. as far as cheap goes it may not be.