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Why is it when I click on a topic I can't see the original question only the first reply?


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    Never mind I found it , the first one is last.
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    Upper left on the forum is the User_cp page (control panel).

    There is about four different thread reading options. I use linear oldest first (as I recall-posting with my phone).

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    Re: Topics

    you may find it to be troublesome having to scroll backwards like that at first, but many of us follow threads and don't want to have to start at the beginning again just to find the latest post. as bb stated you can select whatever way you wish to do it.

    hmmm. it might be a neat feature to have a button that would either show the first 5 posts or the last 5 posts of a thread depending on how it is setup from the control panel. like when the last posts are shown the button could take you to the first 5 posts. in the case of somebody seeing the beginning of a thread all of the time, they can optionally hit a button to show the last 5 posts. of course this is only a thought and it could even be the first full or last full page of posts. i don't do this kind of thing, but maybe those that design forums may find this idea of mine somehow.
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