Grundfos SQFlex solar with generator

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Got everything tested over the weekend and it works great except with the gen set. A little digging revealed that the SQFlex system will NOT work in a GFI protected circuit.

Begrudgingly, I can rewire one of the gen set outlets to bypass the GFI (still overload protected). But before I do this, has anyone determined a work around? Since God created GFI's to protect dummys like me, I hate to forgo the feature. Especially in the rainy season.



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    Re: Grundfos SQFlex solar with generator

    From a safety point of view--You really do not need GFI protection. The well pump is hardwired (and grounded) so any hot to ground short will simply pop the breaker (if sufficient current). Because of the grounding, there should be no way to get shocked (short of cutting the hot lead insulation and contacting that directly).

    GFI was originally intended (at least as far as I understand) for hand tools and appliances used around wet areas. Where a human could become the electrical conductor between Hot (or a portable electrical device) and earth ground through a failure of insulation or human grounding to water.

    It is a really nice device--but it can have inadvertent trips (small leakage currents, GFI failures) and is not a great device to install into permanently wired/mounted electrical equipment.

    If you are paranoid about electrical shorts into the well pump--You could use a hand held AC Clamp Amp Meter once in a while (or before working on the system) to make sure that you have low to zero leakage current. If you have higher than normal leakage current, then you can look for an insulation failure somewhere.

    0.005 Amps (5 mAmps) is around the danger point for a human electrical shock... Otherwise, 1-5 amps are what the DC ground fault circuits are set for use with Solar arrays... A huge difference between AC and DC in what is being detected with ground fault systems.

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