Need Enclosure for E-Frame Bkrs

VicVic Solar Expert Posts: 3,145 ✭✭✭✭
Am looking for an enclosure/breaker box for the larger DC Breakers used in Trace/Xantrex DC Conduit boxes. Ideally this would be a small enclosure for 4-6 ea Airpax 209 E-Frame (or CarlingSwitch equiv.) breakers. These are 5.8 " H overall, and the rectangular knockout would be 1.026 X 2.25 ", and mount from the front.

This might be like a scaled-up MNEDC-Quad Enclosure from Midnite, but I see nothing in the MN catalog for this larger breaker size. Have seen the Huge Xantrex DC Conduit boxes, but am looking for something much smaller.

Any ideas? Thanks, Vic
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