Forest Fire Smoke

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Some interesting data points, of no practical value

- PTC rating of our array: 2499 watts (2970 STC)
- Output on a clear May day: 25-26 kWh
- Output on a hot August day: 21-22 kWh

- distance to forest fire producing smoke cloud: ~220 miles
- Output of array under smoky haze: 17-18 kWh


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    Re: Forest Fire Smoke

    Quite a difference.

    I wonder how much the dust that settles on my panels diminishes the output.

    On a sort of related theme; 20 years ago a friend of mine had a small panel (45W) with a rough lens. It looked like it was covered with goose bumps.

    When I checked the Isc I noticed that the output did not change much as I tilted it toward and away from the sun. I thought , at the time, that it was a good idea. But maybe it's not. I haven't seen any like that since.
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    Re: Forest Fire Smoke

    Hi roderick,

    Yea, on my Off-Grid system, noted that the early morning production is much lower. But have no real numbers on it, as usually squander 10 or more Kwh as the batteries are fully charged and there is no place to put the excess. So have no real measure on impact.

    Thanks for the numbers. Vic
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